NC Men’s 4.0 Champions – Libertyville

This entry was posted on Sunday, 13 May, 2018

Libertyville Men's 4.0 Champions

Libertyville Men’s 4.0 Champions

As soon as the Men’s 3.5 matches came off the courts, the Men’s 4.0 teams from Libertyville (LIB) and Midtown-Palatine (MTP) moved on to the courts. The Libertyville team, seeing their Men’s 3.5 team lose, steeled their nerves to create a different outcome. Courts 1 and 6 were done in 2 sets with LIB winning court 1 and MTP winning court 6. All the other matches were heading towards 3 sets. One by one they came off the court. The last match left was court 4. Libertyville was ahead 3-2 in matches, but if Midtown-Palatine won this match, that would mean matches tied, sets tied, time to count games. No one was quite sure that the set scores were for court 4. Everyone knew it was close. All they knew is that with all the other match games counted, LIB had 57 games and MTP had 55 games. Upon counting court 4’s sets 1 and 2, LIB was ahead by only one game. Everyone crowded around court 4’s viewing area. It was 4-4. Liberyville won their serve – 5-4. Midtown-Palatine’s turn. At 15-40, they had match points against them. They squeaked out another point to make it 30-40, but a missed shot gave Libertyville the win and the Championship! Way to give it your all!!!
Midtown-Palatine Men's 4.0 Finalists

Midtown-Palatine Men’s 4.0 Finalists

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