NC Men’s 3.5 Champions – Midtown-Bannockburn

This entry was posted on Sunday, 13 May, 2018

Midtown-Bannockburn Men's 3.5 Champions

Midtown-Bannockburn Men’s 3.5 Champions

All of the Men’s Playoff matches were played out of College Park’s West location inside the Marriott Lincolnshire. The Men’s 3.5 matches started at 10 AM with Libertyville and Midtown-Bannockburn ready to play. In 2016, Midtown-Bannockburn (MTB) came close to making it to the finals, only to be defeated by River Trails by 2 games. This year it was all MTB…but not without some concern (yes, Todd Seltzer, I heard you were pacing the floor). MTB won court 2 in 2 sets, then court 4 in 3 sets, so they were feeling pretty good about their chances. Court 1 was a close match with MTB winning 6-4, 6-4 securing the Championship. And court 4 decided their match with a 3rd set match tie-breaker which MTB won 12-10. Congratulations to Midtown-Bannockburn for their first time win in the Men’s 3.5s!

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