NWW 3.5 Champion – Midtown-Palatine

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NW Women’s 3.5 Mini-Playoffs
The Northwest Women’s 3.5 season came to an end on April 26th with mini-playoffs played by all teams in the league. After 13 weeks of matches, the top 2 teams vie for the trophy with the rest of the teams trying for one last win. For the 3rd year in a row, Midtown-Palatine won the NWW3.5 mini-playoffs with a decisive win over College Park. This is the 2nd year in a row that Midtown-Palatine and College Park East faced off against each other in the mini-playoffs. Last year, Midtown-Palatine was in 2nd place going into the mini-playoffs and took the top spot from CPAC-E. This year, from the end of October on, Midtown-Palatine held on to the #1 spot for the rest of the season. The other matchups were as follows: Midtown-Chicago kept their #3 spot against Libertyville 2. Libertyville 1 moved ahead of Glenbrook taking the #5 spot. Lincolnshire won against North Shore for #7 and #8 respectively and Five Seasons and RC Lake Bluff finished off the pairings with FSSC over RCLB.

NWW Multi-Level Mini-Playoff

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On April 22, 2017, the Northwest Women’s Multi-Level league will play mini-playoffs to cap the season. There are 4 teams in this league. For the third year in a row #1 Midtown-Palatine and #2 Glenbrook will be playing for the trophy. Two years ago MTP won by 3 games and last year GRC won 8.5-3.5. The other matchup is #3 Libertyville vs. #4 Midtown-Bannockburn.

NWW Open Mini-Playoffs

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On April 21, 2017, the Northwest Women’s Open will play mini-playoffs to cap the season. There are 11 teams in this league. For the third year in a row #1 North Shore 2 and #2 College Park East will be playing for the trophy. Two years ago CPAC-E won and last year NSRC 2 won (by 7 games no less). The other matchups are as follows: Midtown-Palatine vs. Glenbrook; North Shore 1 vs. Midtown-Chicago; Libertyville vs Five Seasons; Northbrook vs. River Trails; and RC Lake Bluff (Bye).

NW Women’s 3.5 Champions – Midtown-Palatine

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NWW3.5 Champions-Midtown-Palatine

The season started with College Park in 1st place after the 1st match and Midtown-Palatine in 3rd place. As the season went on there came to be a 3-way tie between CPAC-East, GRC and MTP. As it happened, on that date, CPAC-East and MTP played against each other and MTP won that matchup 7.5-4.5 which gave them the points needed for the tie. Fast forward to the end of the season – College Park East was in 1st place and Midtown-Palatine in 2nd place except this time they were playing for the trophy. Last year Midtown-Palatine wrested the #1 spot from North Shore. And this year they did the same against College Park East winning 8.5-3.5. On court 1 CPAC’s Nikki Krakowski/Tiffany Simanek bested MTP’s Davida Kozlowski/Beth Zawilenski 6-1, 6-2, 6-3. On court 2, MTP’s Erica Donofrio/Allyn Selesky squeaked out a 1st set tie-breaker win over CPAC’s Stephanie Cohen/Heather Curtis then burst out with a 6-2, 1-0 win. On court 3 MTP’s Bev Vacval/Sally Fessenden won against CPAC’s Karen Borgerding/Susan Chaplik 7-5, 6-1, 6-4 and on court 4 MTP’s Elizabeth Jiminez/Alicia Tisbo won gainst CPAC’s Angelee Boyd, Anne Douglas.

NWW Mulit-Level 2016 Champions-Glenbrook

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Last year, Midtown-Palatine came away with the trophy against Glenbrook. This year it was Glenbrook’s turn. Glenbrook won courts 1, 2 and 3 and Midtown-Palatine took court 4. This league has a variety of levels so on match day one team may have a decisive win over the other and the next time they play it’s the other team’s turn to win. Nice playing everyone!

NWW Open 2016 Champions-North Shore 2

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College Park East, who were the champions last year, will have to relinquish the Northwest Women’s Open trophy to North Shore 2. The two teams were tied in sets 9-9 which necessitated counting games. North Shore 2 won by 7 games winning 74 games to CPAC-East’s 67 games. Nice playing everyone.

NW Women’s Multi-Level Champions – Midtown-Palatine

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NWWML Champions-MTP

Two. Give it a second to sink in. Two. As in 2 games. That’s what it came down to…2 games. The Northwest Women’s Saturday Multi-Level league ended the season on 4/25/15 with #1 Midtown-Palatine playing against #2 Glenbroook. This match was for the trophy. On court 1 GRC’s Christi Turdo and Suzanne Carr played against MTP’s Alpna Yousfi and Erica Eisner. GRC won 6-3, 6-3, 6-1. On court 2 GRC’s Natalie Diorio and Jen Grady played against MTP’s Renee Buxton and Martha Davis. GRC won again 7-5, 6-3, 6-0. GRC won the two matches that were played at Midtown-Palatine. Courts 3 and 4 were played at Glenbrook. On court 3, MTP’s Eileen Felicelli and Sylvia Nelson won their match against GRC’s Katie Sullivan and Judy Caruso 6-2, 6-2, 6-3. On court 4, MTP’s Wendy Rowden and Dina Skinner also won their match against GRC’s Amy Allen and Carolynn Carr 6-4,6-0, 6-1. The teams were tied in matches (2-2), in sets (6-6) so it came down to counting the games with Midtown-Palatine squeaking a win by two games 51-49 to bring home the trophy. WoW!!! Nice playing everyone!!
Pictured from left to right: Alpna Yousfi, Sylvia Nelson, Eileen Felicelli, Dina Skinner, Wendy Rowden, Renee Buxton, Erica Eisner, Martha Davis
Not pictured: Sheryl Albert, Janet Bell, Karen Griebel, Nedra Harris, Roberta Honquest, Debbie Lancaster, Janet Williams

2015 NW Women’s Open Champions – College Park East

This entry was posted on Monday, 27 April, 2015

College Park East won the Northwest Women’s Open league for the 2nd year in a row.  Last year it was against Glenbrook and this year it was against North Shore 2.  Both of these teams have a nice group of strong players throughout their lineup as was evidenced by the matches.  On court 1, CPAC-E’s Allison Morgan and Audrey Koopsen played against Becky Moffatt and Donna Chudacoff.  It was a close competitive match with CPAC-E winning 7-6(4), 6-3, 1-3.  On court 2, NSRC’s Lisa Culp and Judy Bavlsik played against CPAC-E’s Sally Miller and Heather Borzak.  Lisa and Judy are very good at finding the right strategy to take away your strengths.  They won 6-4, 6-1, 2-2.  On court 3, CPAC-E’s Denise Murphy and Suzanne DeMirjian has a slow start against NSRC’s Kelly Chestnut and Tina Baldwin but found their rhythm after the 1st set to win 3-6, 6-4, 6-4.  The top 3 courts finished their matches at 12:30 PM with each team winning 4.5 points.  A tie thus far.  Courts 4-6 started their matches at 12:30 PM.  On court 4, CPAC-E’s Katrina Busse and Debbie Fisch squeaked out a tie-breaker win in the first set winning 7-6 (5) but NSRC roared back with a 6-0 2nd set win.  The 3rd set was a tie 1-2.  On court 5, Debbie Clark and Nadine Woldenberg provided CPAC-E the needed 3 set win over NSRC’s Beth Robitaille and Carla Young.  NSRC won 6-2, 6-1, 6-1.  On court 6, NSRC’s Jen Fisher and Laura Ulrich and CPAC-E’s Nancy Moran and Patty Lambropoulos must have had some long points.  NSRC won the 1st set 6-3 but the 2nd set ended in a 6-6 tie when time ran out.  Nice playing everyone!

2015 NWW 4.5 Red Champions – Lakeshore

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Three-peat!!!  Lakeshore did it again.  Two years ago Lakeshore beat River Trails 9.5-8.5.  Last year they beat Midtown-Chicago 11-7.  This year Midtown-Chicago edged a little closer in points, 8 to Lakeshore’s 10, but Lakeshore held them off to secure their rights to the trophy once again.  Out of curiosity, I looked at their regular season match played on 2/6/15.  The score at that match was 9-9.  Upon closer examination, not only were they tied in points but they were also tied in games.  So if this had been the mini-playoff match they would have had to share the trophy!  But I digress.  Lakeshore won 10-8 and this is how they did it.  On court 1, LSSF’s Sara Aldinger and Nancy Gaspadarek lost the 1st set but won sets 2 & 3 against MTC’s Cheryl Imo and Kirste Gaudet.  On court 2 LSSF’s Gwen Pontikes and Beth Hermann won 2.5 points against MTC’s Laurie Gilman and Autumn Barrett.  On court 3 MTC’s Sophia Naiditch and LorRonda Miller lost the 1st set to MTC’s Tina Chang and Hilary Bruce in a tie-breaker but took sets 2 & 3.  On court 4 LSSF’s Emily Emmerman and Anne Edwards won the 1st set easily, lost some momentum and squeezed on a 2nd set tie-breaker win against MTC’s Kathy Rain and Rebecca Bacote who won the 3rd set 5-3.  On court 5, LSSF’s Tina Leopardo and Deirdre Jameson had a close match against MTC’s Claire Perry and Colette Kelsey but LSSF’s team won 2.5pts in that match.  On court 6 the only court to sweep all 3 points, MTC’s Sarah Rothman and Corinne Pinsof-Kaplan defeated LSSF’s Marta Bonner and Judy Paisner.  Nice playing everyone!

2015 NWW 4.5 Green Champions – Libertyville 1

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Libertyville 1 started the season in 1st place and ended the season in 1st place.  It wasn’t so easy getting there.  College Park West and Libertyville 1 were tied on 3/6.  It depended on the 3/20 match to sort out who would be in the trophy match.  LIB 1 won on 3/20 and CPAC-West lost that day giving LIB 1 a chance at the trophy against North Shore.  LIB 1’s court 1 team, Carola Nesbitt and Debbie Petz defeated NSRC’s, Leanne Larson and Liz Visiljevich giving LIB 1 3pts.  On court 2 NSRC’s Maria Ianucci and Margie Killeen squeaked out the 3rd point before time ran out against LIB 1’s Linda Ballinger and Kathy Civik.  NSRC won court 3 by default.  On court 4, it was a tie.  LIB 1’s Molly Enselein and Nora Butrym won the 1st set and NSRC’s Paige Hopkins and Traci Zirin won the 2nd set and the 3rd set was a tie at 3-3.  On court 5, LIB 1’s Demeke Carreathers and Terri Skupien secured the win for the team by winning 2.5 points against NSRC’s Allison Aron and Chris Leutz.  LIB 1 received a default on court 6.  The final score LIB 1 – 10pts to NSRC – 8pts.  Nice playing everyone!

Member Services

CITA NW Leagues start Sept. 11

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Our CITA Northwest Leagues start with the Women’s Open league on September 11th. Our Open level league has some high caliber players who are fun to watch and make you aspire for more for yourself. On Saturdays, our women’s multi-level league is available for women who work during the day but still want to keep up their game with some competitive tennis. On Wednesdays, the NW Women’s 3.5 play and on Fridays, the NW Women’s 4.5 play. Contact Ann Taylor for more information or click on “Club” to find a club near you.

Child Care Services at Clubs

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As a reminder: Please contact the individual clubs to determine if Child Care Services are available at that club.

Reuse-A-Shoe Program

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You can all be willing participants in the quest to reduce your environmental footprint by bringing your worn out athletic shoes to the clubs who are participating in Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. College Park Athletic Club, Five Seasons Family Sports Club, Glenbrook Racquet Club, North Shore Racquet Club and Northbrook Racquet Club have made the commitment to collect shoes throughout the year. Once collected, shoes that are gently used are separated and given to Share Your Soles, a not-for-profit organization (http://shareyoursoles.org/) and the rest are sent to Nike’s facility in Tennessee where they are shredded and turned in to “Regrind”, which is then used for playgrounds and sports courts.

Be green and bring your shoes in to the clubs mentioned above.  Then go buy another pair of shoes from them!

New Website Overview

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The Chicagoland Indoor Tennis Association (CITA) has embarked on creating our own database.  The following is a quick overview of the site:

Home:  The Home page is the first thing you will see when you enter www.citatennis.net.  You will be in the North/Central Home page.  The Home page provides you with the ability to see the Standings and the Scores  of the matches.  It will give you the Latest News and it will provide you with General Information under Member Services.  Up at the top right hand corner you will see Northwest and Login.  If you click on Northwest, you will be taken to the Northwest Division Home page.  Login is for the Captains of the teams.  The Login allows the captains to input their lineups, scores, players and other administrative tasks.

North/West League:  The North/WestLeague tab lists all the leagues on the left hand side.  If you click on one of the leagues, you will see the Standings and Schedule change accordingly.  Under Standings, you will see from left-to-right, Teams, Percentage, Won, Lost, Weeks and a date (if a match has been played).  The Teams are the Clubs who have a team in the league.  Pct. or Percentage give you the win percentage.  So, if each match is worth a possible 18 points and the team won 10 points out of 18 points, the win percentage will read 55.56%.  Won and Lost are the points won or lost.  It will add up the points from match to match.  Weeks indicate the number of matches each team will play.  In some cases you will see a team play 12 weeks in stead of 13 weeks.  This is due to the Byes.  Lastly, Date of Match will show the points from the match.  If you put your mouse arrow over the box you will see it highlight.  Click on the box and a Score Detail will show up in a separate tab in your browser.

Clubs:  The Chicagoland Indoor Tennis Association’s member clubs are shown on the left hand side.  If you click on one of the clubs, it will provide you with the Club’s address, phone number, web address, directions, schedules for all the teams associated with the club, along with club rosters, and club standings.

News:  Provides you with the Latest News as seen on the Home Page but in a slightly different format.

Forms:  Provides you with the ability to print out the rules in a .pdf format.  There is a scoring sample for Singles matches as well.

Archive Results:  Provides you with information from the previous year in a similar format as the current year.

Rules:  Provides you with our current rules.  Several rules changed this year.  It is always a good idea to review the rules.

Contact:  Provides you with the Executive Director’s contact information.

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