NC Men’s Open – RC Lake Bluff

This entry was posted on Sunday, 13 May, 2018

RC Lake Bluff Men's Open Champions

RC Lake Bluff Men’s Open Champions

Once the Men’s 4.5 matches were done, some of the players from the 4.5 teams moved over to their Open teams. RC Lake Bluff and College Park were going to see who had more fire power and finesse. Would the players who just played in the 4.5s still have enough energy to play up to the level demanded of them? On court 4, clearly Peter Krizman and Steve Paulson (RCLB), still had enough in the tank because they were the 1st to come off the court, after playing court 3 in their 4.5 match. They played agains Trevor Desilva and John Metzger, who also played in the 4.5s with different partners. Court 2 came off next with Josh Leighton and Josh Graves (CPAC) pulling out a close win against Jordan Verbauwhedeand Peter Morawiecki. Matches tied 1-1. Court 1 came off next 6-4, 7-5 to RCLB which left court 3, which RCLB won in 3 sets in a tie-breaker. This is RC Lake Bluffs 2nd win in a row. Congratulations to both team for stellar play, nerves of steel and a competitive spirit.
College Park Men's Open Finalists

College Park Men’s Open Finalists

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