CITA Season starts on September 6th

This entry was posted on Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

CITA’s leagues start on Wednesday, September 6th with the NC Women’s 3.5; September 7th with the NC Women’s 3.0 and NC Women’s 4.0-4.5 Singles; September 8th with the NC Women’s 4.0 Friday, NC Women’s 4.5 Green, NC Women’s 4.5 Red and NW Women’s Open; September 9th NC Men’s 3.5, NC Men’s 4.5 and NW Women’s Multi-Level. Your captain should be contacting you to determine your availability. The Men’s 4.5+ Singles will start on Sunday, September 17th.

The alternating week starts with the Men’s 4.0 Singles on September 10. On September 13th, the NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday, and NW Women’s 3.5 begin play; September 14th – NC Women’s 3.0-3.5 Singles and NC Women’s 4.5-Open Singles; September 15th – NC Women’s Open, NW Women’s 4.5 Green, NW Women’s 4.5 Red; September 16th – NC Men’s 4.0, NC Men’s Open and the Boys High School League.

Good luck in your matches!

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