NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday Champions-Midtown Chicago

This entry was posted on Sunday, 14 May, 2017

Midtown-Chicago for the finals of the NC Women’s 4.0 Wednesday league against Glenbrook came away with a 4-2 win. It was hard to tell who was winning and who was losing as each player exuded a confidence and a seriousness in their play. After watching some of the Women’s 3.5 matches and then coming over to watch the 4.0 women play, I was struck by the similarity in play but there was a bit more movement, especially poaching movement at the net. The players found a few more openings to put the ball away. They also took a few more chances which sometimes gave them opportunities to win the point or to lose the point depending on the moment. While Midtown-Chicago won the top 4 courts, there were some evenly matched teams playing against each other, especially on court 1 and court 3. So while Midtown-Chicago came away with the win, Glenbrook fought for every point and never stopped moving.

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