NC Women’s 3.0 Doubles Champions – Midtown-Chicago

This entry was posted on Sunday, 14 May, 2017

3.0 Champions - Midtown-Chicago

3.0 Champions – Midtown-Chicago

TNT must be working for Midtown-Chicago as their team narrowly won the finals against Lakeshore. But before playing their matches, there was a question of whether one of their players was an eligible player. Players are required to have played 3 times for their team and the name showing on court 2 hadn’t played a match. It was all straightened out before they went on court as the name on court 2 was input incorrectly. The wrong Janet was showing up on the lineup which was corrected to show Janet Hanks. Crisis averted! The Lakeshore ladies may have had some hope in the back of their minds that without lifting a racquet they won. But Midtown-Chicago had come to play and Lakeshore wanted to play as well. Midtown-Chicago took the top 2 courts in 2 sets. Lakeshore took the bottom 2 courts but on court 3, after winning the 1st set in a tie-breaker, they lost their momentum and let Midtown-Chicago back in the match losing the 2nd set 6-0 before taking back control in the 3rd set and winning 6-2. Unfortunately for Lakeshore, Midtown-Chicago gained an extra set to break the match tie. Midtown-Chicago won 5-4 in sets.

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